Mesnac Logo
2620 Ridgewood Rd.
Akron , OH 44313

The MESNAC Americas Research & Technical Center in Akron is the home of MESNAC's development of equipment, processes and systems for new rubber material research.


Established in 2000, MESNAC is an international group company originating from Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Its American Research & Technical Center is located in Akron. It specializes in research and development and innovation of information equipment, industrial software application and new rubber material research. It further works in the development of industrial intelligence and provides integrated informationalized software/equipment and management/control solutions for rubber companies. MESNAC also operates in the field of automation logistics, Internet of Things, chemical industrial equipment, new rubber material.

In 2006, MESNAC was publicly listed in the Shenzhen stock exchange, and became the first listed privately-run company in Qingdao. In 2014, the sales revenue of MESNAC ranked 1st in the global rubber machinery industry. It owns over 700 patents and over 120 software copyrights, and over 300 of patents are patents for invention. MESNAC has drafted 51 pieces of national and industrial standards and chairs over 50 national R&D projects.




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